just leave our love here

on this sill

of opened tomorrows

when our secrets 

and shadowed fantasies,

our unspoken desires 

and unending dreams

will be the beauty

in our imagined eternity

before the darkened winds of time

(upon our remaining seconds)



receding waters

move as abysmal shadows

coloured only by the memories

we had hidden

between the earth and sky


though I do not hope

or dream

into the clouds

or count the seconds

that fall to the ground

for time withholds the images

from our minds

and darkens the hours

into fading millenniums


(now nothing)

… for emotions dissolve

into sinking sands

barring songs

… and meaning

giving cold feet to feelings

to scar the beauty of love

you had once laced


my opened hands


November… This…

evening notes

in champagne hours

when distance

twirled ribbons

… (laced emotions)

along passages in time

as amber moons

and ciels noir

travelled the moving seconds

that would disperse

into the blowing sands


this was where

interludes played

and the hollowed stillness of songs

became the beauty

of the grains in our hands


so we talk of it

a whispering nothingness

or a sweet remembrance

of moments

maybe existing before

the early horizon

imagined in unshakened

unwashed sunsets


and though we may choose to remember,

stones and rivers and mountains

will soon wither

becoming hidden

in the darkening spaces

of our minds



we will forget

Poinciana moons


circles drawn

on waves at an untouched horizon

a beauty in silver waters

… unremembered

though in winter dust

I sometimes shift the darkness

and memory paints the sky

so, behind closed eyes

the stars hold the brightness

of yesterday,

the wind betrays to the trees

the secrets of mountain echoes

from far away


my emotions are then allowed

(for a time)

to breathe…

and within the horn-coloured glow

of days that dream into nights,

… I think of us

Indian Summer

sometimes it rains

though memories pour

even in scarlet weather


a beautiful reminiscence

in showers that appear

… in sporadic sands


… in dust

… in silence

moments once shared

(and for a time)

once passed

between distant hands

larkspurs in rum

withered pieces of time

pass… as a memory

before my drooping eyes


fragmented now

in ruins

is the decaying scent

of our past


I breathe it in

and I remember,

… petals on winter days

that blew away

with your promise to love me

… always


now in the dirt

of buried emotions

these memories hide

I remember

… you


let earth and sky



I am free

of these feelings

… at last

… and so, good-bye

a struck chord

my emotions wish to pour


a vow to my heart

prevents the turning of the sky

of moons and seasons

blowing the tides

of my indecent dignity

that once begged

without reason


melodies of midnight words

revive the very feelings

I had watched die

if only to forget

yet still allowed to cry


so I tie knots

in my veins

… blood just should not be felt

neither should the beautiful darkness

fold into night

please, go away

… for I just may love you again



Twilight dust of days past

desert flowers

once bloomed

within the heart

of a winter night


colours of gold

seen in transparent fragrance


like butterflies

carried on the wind

in a beautiful song


… of rivers

… of mountains



that memory

somehow still captures

(… sometimes)

in the glow

of the moonlight

The path through yesterday


of the unwashed darkness

fills the bleak void

in the always unseeable light


quiet now, the silence

that distances tomorrow

as we await

the dawn of forever

in this unending night


summer skies

illuminated by beauty

in coloured light


and in streaks of hushed tomorrows

… moments breathed


though within seconds and hours

in the grains of time

emotions did bleed


sunlight now

in shades of forbidden love

casting shadows

after the winds of uncertainty

… had blown

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