The haunting beauty of remembrance

thoughts… banished


I wash memories

on the banks

of moments past

now sun-dried

on rocks forged

along the edges

of the dream we had called tomorrow



I do remember now:

you did say

only forever

… and nothing

could last



Spring in the woods… the skies of my heart

here in the song

petals along the path

…through memory

to stand

in a moment

where time escapes


will you

sing those words once more?

I wait for you

in the dying melody

of our imagined love

and hum the tune

you had once

so beautifully played

for me


Forgotten pages

raindrops on words

lines washed

in the approaching winds

that cry


forgotten momentos

are read in pages…unturned

book retrieved

though our story now blotted

in spilled memories


I only wished to dance


yet you tear the paper

and choose to watch me die

Hymn to the sea

fleeting dreams cloud

the invisible darkness

of thoughts

that move across

a dismal sky


and in transparent beginnings

an unwanted ending

purposes memory

to meet the tide

Above the swing… broken morning

branches break


the clouds knew

the moment in the sky


and even as love cried

screams meant nothing


there was still

that thirty feet to the ground

where blood poured

from closed eyes


May again is here

guava dries to julie

and the doux doux

has long since disappeared


there isn’t now

a reason in the sun

as the earth revolves

and life turns

… another day is done


don’t question emotions

or look at my tears

as I cry


yes, maybe time should heal


twenty five years ago

I forgot to say goodbye

The cloud in the night

the old photograph

like a memory forgotten

resurfaced… only now

in the dust of our lives

but through the dismal sands

in the season of July

your image… though faded

on the now derelict lens

is still that beautiful photograph

that always

makes me smile


night skies

the chill of words

spoken on the wind

as thoughts

across random valleys

into misty moments

… fly

Lord Bramwell


i can no longer meet you

in the shadows of

our fading memories

when our love only exists

in unpainted dreams


as we wish the moon

to turn the sun

to revolve around

the abysmal darkness

our souls

have become


while thoughts of you

continue to haunt my mind

like ghostly apparitions

… your presence unseen

yet felt

in dark water visions


i do love you


yet those words

are not allowed

only the blotted feather

must remain

and from secret desires

outwardly refrain


… remember me

will you?

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